November 2008

I have seen others do this before and I am blatantly ripping off their idea, but I need your help

I will be getting a goldfish to keep me company while at work.  Help me name it.  Some background on the names:

Fido II – this was the name of the last goldfish I had.  He wasn’t  an office mate, but his name was Fido.  A vote for Fido II would continue the lineage passed on by Fido.

Raglund – This one may have sentimental meaning for those of you who have been to India.  It would be in homage to this great man who fearlessly leads Good Shepard School where I visit in India this past summer.

Herbie – in honor of my home state.

Pam – I love the television show “The Office”.  There is a very real possibility that this fish will be screening my phone calls placating guests that visit my office while I am at lunch or unable to attend to them immediately.

Harold the Amazing Goldfish – Frankly, I just added this one just because I wanted more variety in the poll question.  I do think it is a perfectly valid name however.

Other – Have a better idea?  Feel free to write in a suggestion in the comments.  Keep in mind however, this will be a grass roots effort on your part and will have to campaign and get others to suggest this name as well.  This will be a very difficult proposition for most people (assuming I have at least decent participation in this endevour).

The poll will close one week from today, Wednesday, Dec. 3 at 6 p.m.  Please only vote once!

Thanks for your help!


I registered for classes for next semester in an attempt to once again pursue this pesky degree.

Environmental Geology – Monday’s and Wednesdays from 2:30-3:45
Introduction to English Studies – Tuesday and Thrusdays from 12:30-1:45

Why is it that whenever I, or anyone, does something in the kitchen like fix dinner or prepare something for the Grace Chapel Thanksgiving extravaganza that everyone decides it’s a good time to do the same? My using the kitchen is not an invitation for house hangout time. You had the last 3 hours to clean up after your lunch, your dinner can wait another 10 minutes.

Am I being a oversensitive on this? It’s a small kitchen.

Being not quite sick enough to not be at work but not quite well enough to be around people is not a fun place to be.


I get into this debate every once in a while.  It is something my father instilled into me when I was just a wee lad.  The words winning and losing are often misused.  I watch a lot of sporting events and often I hear something like, “and in other action Nebraska is winning over Kansas State 28-14, midway through the 2nd quarter.”  It grates me every time. It is my contention that when the words should not be used while the game is not yet complete.  The very definition of the word implies an outcome:

1 [ attrib. ] gaining, resulting in, or relating to victory in a contest or competition : a winning streak.

Pretty much the same as winning except it relates to losing (see, an appropriate use of the word)

Please be careful how you use these words.

Examples of appropriate use:
– Nebraska will have a winning season.
– Kansas State and Colorado will have each a losing season.
– I enjoy winning.
– I do not enjoy losing.
– Ben is winning a lot of hands at poker.

Examples of inappropriate use:
– In the second quarter, Nebraska is winning.
– In the second quarter, Kansas State is losing.

Please note the difference.

If you haven’t heard, a school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with possibly as many, but more likely more than 700 inside collapsed.  Poor construction is to blame.  Stories like this and the seemingly never ending hurricanes there this summer really hit close to home.

I’ll be showing this video at Grace on Sunday if you’re going to be there but I thought I’d post it here too.  There a few details I’d change if it were up to me but imovie isn’t letting me make those changes so this is going to have to be good enough.  I went to India this summer.  There are stories and pictures at the blog we kept while we were gone.  We’ve put some other stuff since we’ve returned.  The church has been persecuted fairly heavily since then and there are some details there about that too.  This video will probably make it’s way over there at some point.

Here’s the video:

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