You probably think this is about politics and you’d be wrong.  I did vote today and at 1:00 the voting booth wasn’t as exciting as all the news outlets were claiming them to be but I digress, politics are not my forte.  It is something I’m trying to follow a little more closely, but I still don’t much.  I didn’t spend nearly as much time researching this as Bret Welstead did, but he came to a very similar conclusion that I did.

But change was in the air today at work too.  We were using an office what techincally isn’t ours.  And tomorrow they’re coming to claim their space.  We had to move it all out, which led to moving more things around, which led to getting behind at work.  The office is a mess and probably will be for the next couple of days.  I’ll probably have to move in the next couple of weeks, which is fine because I’m basically in cave right now, though I might not be able to play my music, which in all reality is usually sports talk anyway, as loud as I usually do.

Change was in the air too for my brother, Aaron.  Today he turns 19.  That’s a big deal.  Happy Birthday Aaron!

Also, there’s a snake behind the tv stand.  Just a little garter snake, but a snake none-the-less.  If I see him again, there will be change in the air for him as well.