And, well, it is, but in checking the weather this afternoon on, I found that they use microsoft’s Live Search maps.  I don’t do a lot with Microsoft software for this type of stuff but, I was intrigued by the level of detail on the aerial maps, ya know the ones where you can find your house and such.  They seemed more advanced than the other ones I’d seen, so I went and checked it out the real thing.  Holy Cow.  I may be way behind the times on this but they have this feature called bird’s eye.  I was suprised by how close they’ve been able to get with that much clarity.  And unlike Google Earth, you don’t have to download it.  Go check it out!

Start with your house! (when you click on the link, hit the “Bird’s eye” button and zoom in)

Then checkout the Stadium.

Maybe some place you think is really cool.

And someplace you would like to go someday.

It’s not available everywhere though.

And next, don’t waste too much time at work playing with this thing.  I know it will be tempting.