I get into this debate every once in a while.  It is something my father instilled into me when I was just a wee lad.  The words winning and losing are often misused.  I watch a lot of sporting events and often I hear something like, “and in other action Nebraska is winning over Kansas State 28-14, midway through the 2nd quarter.”  It grates me every time. It is my contention that when the words should not be used while the game is not yet complete.  The very definition of the word implies an outcome:

1 [ attrib. ] gaining, resulting in, or relating to victory in a contest or competition : a winning streak.

Pretty much the same as winning except it relates to losing (see, an appropriate use of the word)

Please be careful how you use these words.

Examples of appropriate use:
– Nebraska will have a winning season.
– Kansas State and Colorado will have each a losing season.
– I enjoy winning.
– I do not enjoy losing.
– Ben is winning a lot of hands at poker.

Examples of inappropriate use:
– In the second quarter, Nebraska is winning.
– In the second quarter, Kansas State is losing.

Please note the difference.