This is taken from a recent blog post by a successful photographer, Chris Jarvis.  This is how he answers the question; “How do you make it in photography?”  Here’s what he says.

1. Be Undeniably Good. Last year, in an interview with Charlie Rose, the famous comedian Steve Martin gave this advice to anyone trying to make it in any field:

2. Dedicate at least 10,000 hours to whatever it is you’re looking to master.

Oh, how I want to do this.  He expounds more on these ideas behind the link.  But I think this idea makes sense regardless of what industry you find yourself.  Why do you think it takes doctors so long to learn medicine?  10,000 hours is more than 400 continuous days.  If you worked full time (40 hours a week) for 10,000 it would take just under 5 years.  If you worked 60 hours it would take you not quite 3 and a half years.