March 2009

I’m going to a photo seminar this weekend.  I’ve never been to one of these before.  I’m starting to get so far out of the loop that I need to sorta jump back in yesterday.  I’m pretty excited about it but I’m a little nervous too.  Sorta the ugly duckling, ya know the photographer that doesn’t take photos.  I actually did get to take some photos this weekend.  My friend Ben had this spectacular birthday party which also doubled as an open-mic night.  His wife, Renee, also a brilliant photog, let me have a turn with the camera.  I’m excited to see them.  It was super fun.  Rumor has it she’ll post them on her website at some point.  If she doesn’t I’ll put some of mine up once I get them.


Though I’d love to learn some of those dances you see on “Dancing with the Stars.”  I think I’d like that kind of dancing and actually would be pretty good at it.  But that’s not why I started this blog post.  I ordered a pair of shoes on-line early this week.  I’d never done that before, and as it turns out for good reason.  When they arrived I opened the box and tried the first one on.  It was the left one, it was pretty comfortable, a little lower profile than  was expecting but that’s ok.  I reached in for the next one and something wasn’t right.  It was another left shoe and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, it was a different size.  How can you not laugh when you open a box of shoes and it has two left footed ones in there?  They’re sending a replacement pair right away.

Tomorrow starts the greatest of weekends for basketball fans. The first two rounds of the NCAA tournament commence at 11 am CDT tomorrow morning. Yes, I am taking half a day off work to take it all in, Friday too. However, it is a bit of a melancholy time, because, you see, my Huskers once again did not qualify for the field of 64 (it’s actually a field of 65, they have a silly “play-in game” because there was a new conference added a couple of years ago and didn’t want to take a bid from someone else so they added this silly extra game which is technically part of the tournament but not really, anyway…) for the 11th consecutive year. Their season came to an end last night when they lost to the New Mexico Lobos. They had a good year, or perhaps just a better one than everyone expected.   If you really want to, I’ve included my recap of the year behind the cut.  If you don’t really care, that’s cool, I understand, it’s a pretty long synopsis.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much, but I just…can’t…pull…myself…away. 


I wrote some sonnets for my english class.  Read and enjoy or maybe they’re not very good.  I’m not really sure.  I’ve never written any sonnets before. Three of them (Baseball, India and Haiti) are subjects I’m very familiar with. Death, I’m not so familiar with, I’m not sure why I ended up writing about it.



Final separation from those held near
Friend and kindred gather around the grave
Certain fate to which we all are held slave
Ornate pine carries the body, washed with a tear.

Look death in the face but please try not to leer.
Fear and trembling show, how to behave?
Ambivalence takes hold, do not cave
Choices made make destination clear.

The dirge is such a melancholy tune
Declaring the end of a life lived well
Long procession in black tells he’s well loved.

All will disperse to their old routine soon
Turning away with a sadness un-quelled
The occasional visit, he still hasn’t moved.


Does anyone else think it’s ironic that the word “irony” has 3 syllables?

Woah!  It’s been a while.  So much has happened between my last post and now.  Since I last left you:

– Christmas!

– 2009 began.  Nebraska beat Clemson in the Gator Bowl.

– Josh moved out.  Nothing terribly eventful happened during that process.

– Zach moved in.  While he was moving in the basemet flooded.  It was cold, cold, cold water.  Covered 90% of the basement.  Only a box of magazines was lost, still don’t know how that happened.

– I began taking classes again at the University and remembered why it was that I stopped taking classes in the first place.

– Alternator on my car went out at the intersection of 27th and Vine (big, major intersection if you’re not familiar with the geography of Lincoln).  It was really cold.

– I may or may not be moving into a sweet new pad in May or June or July or August or whenever the Bakers can sell their house.

– A new President was sworn into office and the early reviews are…mixed.

– I spent a weekend in Colorado and didn’t ski.

– India team from last summer presented in Norfolk.  On the way home the alternator went out again…10 miles north of Schuyler.  That’s almost 2 hours away from home.  I have good friends.

– Spring can’t decide if it wants to come or not.

– Baseball starts up in full swing soon.

Other than that, nothing much has happened.  There are a few other things that have happened that I may talk about some other time, some others that I won’t.  Maybe I’ll post a little more often.