Woah!  It’s been a while.  So much has happened between my last post and now.  Since I last left you:

– Christmas!

– 2009 began.  Nebraska beat Clemson in the Gator Bowl.

– Josh moved out.  Nothing terribly eventful happened during that process.

– Zach moved in.  While he was moving in the basemet flooded.  It was cold, cold, cold water.  Covered 90% of the basement.  Only a box of magazines was lost, still don’t know how that happened.

– I began taking classes again at the University and remembered why it was that I stopped taking classes in the first place.

– Alternator on my car went out at the intersection of 27th and Vine (big, major intersection if you’re not familiar with the geography of Lincoln).  It was really cold.

– I may or may not be moving into a sweet new pad in May or June or July or August or whenever the Bakers can sell their house.

– A new President was sworn into office and the early reviews are…mixed.

– I spent a weekend in Colorado and didn’t ski.

– India team from last summer presented in Norfolk.  On the way home the alternator went out again…10 miles north of Schuyler.  That’s almost 2 hours away from home.  I have good friends.

– Spring can’t decide if it wants to come or not.

– Baseball starts up in full swing soon.

Other than that, nothing much has happened.  There are a few other things that have happened that I may talk about some other time, some others that I won’t.  Maybe I’ll post a little more often.