I like Scooters, I really do.  Both of their downtown locations are nice with decent enough atmospheres.  I went to the downtown location on the ground floor of the Gold’s Building the other day to do a little studying.  I found that Scooters isn’t the best location for a student to plop down and crank out a little homework.  The tables are too small to break out a notebook and text book.  If you’re going to be using a computer as well, forget about it.  It’s a great coffee shop if you’re going to just escape and read a book or have a conversation with a friend.  I’d give it top marks for that.  But if academic endeavors are your game, I’d suggest looking elsewhere.  Considering this is their closest location to campus, it might be worth considering making some accommodations in that vein.

Also, the central barista stand makes it difficult to find a quiet corner if that’s your aim.  I think this is fairly standard throughout the other Scooter’s I’ve been to and at least in the case of this location, I don’t think it would matter much where the barista is located.   considering it’s a fairly small location.  I’m told their coffee is good though, but I don’t drink coffee, so I’m not going to grade that.  Their staff is friendly and accommodating and made me a mean mint hot chocolate.  Good stuff.

So, to recap, if you’re going  just to catchup with a friend or escape over the lunch hour, I’ll give it an A-.   If you’re going get some book work done, it’s barely passable, just a C.