It was the summer of 2010. College athletics was all a twitter with rumors, innuendo and minutiae. Conference realignment was all the rage. Texas A&M was going to go to the SEC (which the would do a year later), Missouri was going to the Big 10 (which they didn’t do). The entire Big 12 south was going to up and join the Pac-10 (that didn’t happen either). A lot of the lesser football powers in the Big 12 and beyond were scared they’d beleft out in the cold, or worse, the MAC. But the one school you never heard anything about Nebraska, nothing one way or another. Nothing, that is until they left. And leave they did, so did Colorado who bolted for the Pac-10. Both of these moves made sense for both schools and it began an avalanche of uncertainty and shuffling and change and greed.

As it turns out, I have good friends that live in Detroit, Jay and Liz Taylor. That’s close to the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. I called him (or perhaps texted, I don’t really remember) and told him that the first time Nebraska plays a Michigan team, I was coming up. Since July I’ve been saving my pennies and nickles to make sure I could afford it when the calender turned and, well, Saturday is that day. And I’m coming up. Right now, I’m in Davenport, Iowa. I loaded up the rental car with lots or red clothing (or at least clothing that indicates I’m from Nebraska), a 12 pack of Cherry Coke and Fresca and an absurd amount of home made beef jerkey and set out on my way to Auburn Hills, Michigan. I’m not quite halfway there, in Davenport Iowa. Tomorrow I travel the rest of the way with only one side trip, which I’ll detail tomorrow (hopefully with pictures!).

I was hoping to have an exciting story or a funny anecdote to share, but it was really a fairly routine trip. Nothing super crazy happened, which is probably for the best, though I did make a stop at Chick-fil-A, which is always a must when leaving the state of Nebraska. For now, I’m going to get some sleep so I’m fully charged and ready to go for the drive tomorrow.